The Fox Theatre Walsenburg thrives & prospers because of volunteers.

Our dedicated staff is driven solely by their passion for theater and their desire to offer affordable entertainment to the community. They generously volunteer their time without any financial compensation. We kindly ask for your understanding regarding the balancing act our volunteers undertake, juggling their paid jobs, volunteer work, and family commitments. The support we receive from the community is greatly appreciated.

Like virtually all non-profit theatres, ticket sales and gifts make up only a fraction of the financial resources it takes each year to operate the Fox Theatre Walsenburg.

We rely on volunteers.

We urge you to celebrate our vibrant arts & cultural scene in historic downtown Walsenburg by volunteering at the Fox Walsenburg.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities at the Fox Walsenburg. 

Maybe large crowds are not your jam or maybe kids drive you up the wall, well, there is plenty to do! 

Reach out and we'll chat.

What is the standard weekend schedule?

What are the standard responsibilities?