San Isabel Electric and Basin Electric Power Cooperative are proud sponsors of Walsenburg Porchfest. This #PeoplePowered event is all about filling Walsenburg's streets with community and supporting local businesses, musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Los Mochochetes
at PorchFest, May 25
at Miners Plaza!

 By combining elements of cumbia, reggae, hip-hop, rock, funk, and more, Los Mocochetes composes music to unite the gente and create revolutionary music you can dance to.

Los Mocochetes is a Xicano/Funk band from the ancestral, occupied and unceded lands of the Tsis tsis'tas, Hinono'eiteen, Ka'igwu, Weenuchiu, Anasazi, Newe, Diné, Ndee, Inday, and Dine'é (commonly referred to as Cheyenne, Arapahoe, Kiowa, Ute, Pueblo, Shoshone, Navajo, Apache) and other peoples now known as Denver, CO. With deep roots from the Mora Valley in northern Nuevo Mexico and to the south from Juarez, MX.

The word Mocochete is a term coined by the group to mean “mocosos con machetes.” In life, most mocosos (snot-nosed “brats”) develop physically to the point where they are strong enough to wield a tool or weapon, such as a machete. How you use that tool has lasting consequences and defines the mark you leave on the world with great potential for both creation and destruction. This duality exists in all of us.

Los Mocochetes have devoted their lives to using their machetes for good. Every performance draws on the elements, the directions, the ancestors, and the great mystery. Each song is a prayer meant to move your feet, stir your spirit, and remind you of your incredible power to heal yourself and the 7 generations forward and back. Aho. Mitákuye Oyás'iŋ. Ōmeteōtl. Aṣẹ.

at PorchFest, May 25
at Miners Plaza!

 Desert Of The Real is a dynamic rock band known for their eclectic mix of original songs that trace the evolution of the genre. Formed at Walsenburg Porchfest in 2023, the band is excited to celebrate their one-year anniversary at this year’s event in front of their hometown crowd.

Saturday, May 25th, from 3-7 PM
Miners Plaza, 101 W 6th St., Walsenburg, CO 81089

Porchfest celebrates local culture, music, and arts and fosters a sense of belonging and pride among community members.

Porchest encourages residents to participate in community service and local governance, thus increasing a sense of ownership and responsibility toward community well-being.

The people of Walsenburg power this event. Think of it as a big block party - an excuse to get outside, meet new neighbors, and connect with your community.

The Fox Theatre Walsenburg partners with Walsenburg Downtown Revitalization to produce and host a concert on Saturday night to conclude the festivities.

This inclusive concert, where residents can gather, learn, and engage in recreational activities, strengthens communal bonds.