Outdoor Movies

As winter graces the mountaintops with its snowy embrace, we bid a fond farewell to this season's enchanting outdoor movies. It's been a delightful run with screenings like "The Sandlot" at Cuchara Mountain Park, "Trading Places" on Main Street, "Happy Gilmore" at the Golf Course, "Hardball" at Fiesta Park, and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" at Gardner Community Center. The memories created under the starlit skies have been nothing short of magical.

As the colder months approach, we'll be cozying up indoors to continue our love for movies. However, fear not, for Outdoor Movies will return with the warmth of the sun, bringing back the nostalgia and community spirit we all adore. We're already buzzing with excitement, contemplating where to set up the big screen next and which cinematic wonders to showcase. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events at the Fox Theatre—your hub for entertainment and unforgettable movie experiences. Thank you for joining us at our outdoor movie events this summer, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming you back next year for more cinematic adventures beneath the stars.